The power of Volunteering

A while ago I volunteered at the Hampton court Palace Flower show for three days. It was extremely enjoyable and I had so much fun.

It was an opportunity where I was able to meet other work colleagues from different sites. There are so many benefits to doing volunteering work on weekends because it allows us to do more for the community in our spare time and an amazing way to bring family and friends together.

It was such a satisfying weekend which went by so quickly. We were helping Jenni with her garden; washing pebbles and gravel, planting around 3000 flowers, painting benches and digging a hole to place a big water container.

Overall it was an amazing experience. The WWT Working Wetlands garden won a gold medal and it was best in show.

The garden is a haven for wildlife and people and at the same time demonstrates a working solution to the problem of flash flooding causing by urban run - off. In the process here , water from the roof is collected into a mini wetland. As water passes through the cascading water feature it is cleaned and filtered by soil and plants. The purified rainwater fills an amazing wildlife pond. After very heavy rain the pond will overflow into a series of low wetlands and swales, which store the water , releasing it slowly. In the process this wetland garden creates a wonderful habitat for nature and a beautiful place for people It also works hard to prevent flash floods downstream.

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