Bagan Marathon

In November 2017 I visited Burma in Asia where I completed my first marathon for WaterAid. The race took place in a small town called Bagan, and the course that ran through the sacred pagodas and the local villages was breath-taking. The race started at 06:00 am and the conditions were very tough with 34 degrees Celsius and 74 percent humidity.

At mile 22 I had to stop for a toilet break and my urine was nearly black as I was completely dehydrated. There we not many water stations so I then had to slow the pace until the finish line.

In the end I managed to cross the finish line in more than five hours but I did raise more than £3,342 for my good friends of WaterAid; the support from the crowd was amazing, most of them were local farmers and their families.

I also spent a few day at Inle Lake where I had the opportunity to meet the Myanmar’s balancing fishermen and to do some water testing in the lake for Earthwatch Freshwater. The balancing fishermen stand on one leg and paddle with the other as they hunt for carp.

Overall I had an amazing experience in this beautiful country, I highly recommended everyone to go and visit. Just one marathon down, and 99 more to go.



Inle Lake

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