London Marathon

On the 28th of April I completed my second London marathon and on this occasion it was to raise fund for WaterAid UK.

I ran the race wearing a water drop costume to raise awareness because every drop counts; Women and girls in developing countries spend 200 million hours walking each day around the world to find and collect water; this is insane, isn’t it ? I can’t believe that this is still happening in the 21st century.

Every time you fill up your reusable bottle of water just think about how many people (844 million = 1 in 9 ) around the world lack access to clean water close to home.

The three months training plan previous to the marathon were not very smooth due to a knee injury and also the weather wasn’t great either; but no pain no gain.

I went to the running expo to collect my bib number on the Thursday because I didn’t want to leave it until the weekend; I also had the opportunity to see and hear from the great athlete Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder.

On the race day, the support from the crowd was electric. I normally run with music on but I didn’t need that on the day; the roads were packed of spectators from Greenwich to tower bridge and from there to the finish line just after Buckingham palace. I spent most of t of the time giving high five to children around the route and talking to them about wateraid.

The time wasn’t great; It took me nearly two hours more than my personal best from the New York marathon but the most important think was to get around to the end in one piece and to raise as much awareness and funds possible on the day.

After the race I couldn’t event walk properly and I went to the WaterAid after party near to the finish line where I had a bit of food and a legs massage that was much needed.

I highly recommended everyone to run the London marathon at east once in your lifetime. Next stop Sydney.