Our visit to Kampur, India - 2018

Thank you New York

Thank you New York

It’s really hard to believe that in 2019, 1 in 9 people worldwide still dont have access to safe water close to home and more people have a mobile phone than access to a toilet.

I’m now on a mission across the world to run 100 official marathons on seven continents including Antarctica to raise awareness and funds for WaterAid and help provide safe water and sanitation to those in need.

I have already completed marathons in Bagan, Paris, New York, London and in September 2019 I’ll tackle Sydney in Australia. All my trips are funded by Cesar’s little wallet, with any money raised going directly to WaterAid.

I’m a long way from reaching my target of £50,000 and this money could reach up to 3330 people with clean water in communities across Africa, Asia and Central America. It’s quick and easy to donate, just click the below button to visit my fundraising page. Thank you so much for in advance for your support - your contribution will make a huge difference to people less fortunate than you and I.

Paris Marathon 2018

New York Marathon 2018